Manicure Services

1/ Classic Manicure $25

Start with trimming nails, cuticle cleansing and massage after finishing with your choice of regular nail polish.

2/ Gel Manicure $40

Update from the Classic Manicure to the last long Gel polish. Gel color delivers 14+ days of flawless wear, superior color, and mirror shine with zero dry time. The gel color is a true innovation of chip-free, extended-wear nail color!

3/ Dip Powder Manicure

Our Dip power is one of our proudest. Our completely toxic-free products will cure your nails for a long time drying out with all chemicals to become healthier. Enjoy the natural look of it with over 300 colors and a non-harmful process without damaging your nail base.
Dip On Real Natural Nails $50
Tip Extension Add On With Unlimited Of Shape Choices $55
Ombré/ French Dessign Work $10 Extra
Add-Ons Paraffin Wax $5
Add-Ons French $10
Add-Ons Nail Design $5 & Up
Take-Off Gel (From Other Products) $5
Take-Off Powder (From Other Products) $10
Dip Powder Add Tips Extension With Choice Of Shapes $60


1/ Classic Pedicure $35

Lavender has been rising in popularity for relaxation purposes and has always been a favorite of all. Enjoy a lovely gentle sense of lavender salt, and cuticle cleaning. Followed by a sugar scrub, which is highly rich in enzymes that decrease inflammation and rid of possible dead skin that may clog pores.

Then, enjoy a 5-min soothing massage with our organic body butter to keep your skin moist till the last minute and your choice of regular nail polish.

2/ Please Me Pedicure $50

Designed for those who suffer from dry, chapped feet & calluses, the treatment is an upgrade from the Classic Pedicure with a crazy long-lasting Gel polish plus our callus treatment to help smooth your heels (please note our products are Organic or natural which means containing no harmful chemicals so results will be not like what you expected), and a 5-min soothing massage.

3/ Pamper Me Pedicure $55

You deserve this ultimate spa experience. All in one, will be the best choice. This is the ultimate overhaul for your feet. It not only perfects your stressed-out skin but also increases circulation and relieves tension in your sore feet.

The treatment includes sugar scrub, hydrating mask, callus removal, paraffin wax and a 7-min massage.

4/ Me Day Pedicure $65

Awaken all your senses with our signature Me Day Pedicure. Feel your worries slip away as the Jelly bath sensation soothes your mind while a hint of refreshing aroma helps to elevate your mood, and relieve aching muscles. Jelly will be massaged to all skin types to make them smoother, moisturized and healthier. After all will be your nail polish time (regular nail polish). a 10-min deeply relaxing massage.

Your choice of scent:

* Lavender

* Milk & Honey

* Citrus


Paraffin Wax $5
Callus Treatment $10
French $5
Nail Design $5 & Up


Gel (From Other Products) $5
Powder (From Other Products) $10

Hot stone relaxing joy will be included in all your pedicure types.

Kid's Services

(For children under 12 years old)
Combo Kid Mani & Pedi $40

Facial Services

1/ Basic Facial $60

Cleansing , Exfoliation, mask relief stressing

* Teen Agers Facial $50
Jelly Mask Add On $15 Extra

• Cherry: Brightening and removing freckles

• Mint: Acne & oil control

• Vampire: Moisturizing and whitening 24k

• Gold: Anti-aging

2/ Acne Facial $75

Special Deep cleansing with our products and treatments, exfoliation and special mask for acne care.

3/ BB_ Cream $85
Stem Cell $95

Nano-glow facial, hydro care plus nano treatments

4/ Luxury Me $110

Includes 24k gold facial that assists in lymphatic drainage and improved blood circulation, while helping to enhance skin elasticity is maintained to make your skin look youthful and radiant.

Waxing Services

Full Face $35
Brows $15
Lips & Chin $15
Half Arms $27
Full Arms $35
Half Legs $35
Full Legs $50
Underarms $18
Bikini $40

Our Lashes Services

Custom Volume, Classes Base On Face

Full Set $100 & Up
Re-Fill $80 & Up